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Beverly Hills


SPEAKERS at Vape & eCIG Affiliate Marketing Conference and Expo

Vape & eCIG Affiliate Marketing Conference and Expo (Beverly Hills) brings you highly qualified experts in the vapor and ejuice affiliate marketing industries to speak about all forms of management, conversions, marketing to the vapor at this event. The presentations will be focused on topics concerning marketing strategy and affiliate marketing for the vape and electronic cigarette industry, traffic and conversions. Each presenter will be both objective and neutral.

We are currently seeking speakers for this event. Only experts in affiliate marketing, conversions, traffic, marketing/advertising experts for vape and eCig industry will be considered.

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SFATA-Smoke-Free Alternatives Trade Association Cynthia Cabrera
Executive Director
State of the Vape & eCig Industry [WATCH VIDEO]
Vaporizer Affiliate Programs Justin Burchell
CEO & Affiliate
Market Comparison of All Vape Affiliate Programs [WATCH VIDEO]
Vapor Craze Matt Woertler
eJuice & eLiquid Nicotine Alternatives
American Vaping Association Gregory Conley
Pitfalls to be Avoided in the Vape Market [WATCH VIDEO]
VapeFinds Jeffrey Huyen
Vape Affiliate Viewpoints [WATCH VIDEO]
Vape Mentors Norm Bour
Demographics of the Market: Where the Opportunities Are [WATCH VIDEO]
The Agency San Diego Craig Slike
Television Advertising Options for Vape
Sean Kelley Sean Kelley
Super Affiliate
Vape Affiliate Viewpoints [WATCH VIDEO]
Vapor Digest Magazine Patrick V* Butson
Founder & Publisher
The Evolution of Vaping
McGreevy & Henle Peter McGreevy
Attorney at law
Private Label eCIG & Vapor Affiliate Liability
Benoit Le Chevallier Benoit Le Chevallier
Vape Affiliate Viewpoints [WATCH VIDEO]
TrafficShop Chris LeBrun
Vape Affiliate
Vape Affiliate Viewpoints
Mantis Ad Network Paris Holley
Optimizing Marketing Strategy with Technology
TVECA Thomas Kiklas
eCigarettes are a Tobacco Product

Vape & eCIG Affiliate Marketing Conference and Expo

The Vape & eCIG Affiliate Marketing Conference and Expo will focus on marketing strategy and affiliate marketing for the vapor and electronic cigarette industry. It is for vapor and ecigarette affiliate managers, affiliates, manufacturers and distributors. This is an advanced event covering traffic and conversions. The event includes business networking among super-affiliates, CEOs, media and marketing experts.

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